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FREE up TIME - GROW your BUSINESS - Tayside Virtual Assistant

Professional and efficient secretarial support for large and small businesses

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Why use Tayside Virtual Assistant?


GREEN TICKFREE up valuable time and concentrate on GROWING YOUR BUSINESS

GREEN TICKDo LESS paperwork - earn MORE cash



  • Based in our own offices
  • No employee holidays, sickness benefit and PAYE to pay
  • Fully trained/skilled staff
  • We are a self-employed business and therefore pay our own NI Contributions and Tax
  • Efficient, fast, professional, highly skilled and friendly
  • Pay for our services via Paypal (using Debit/Credit Cards) or Bank Transfer
  • We can make life less stressful by working on an ad-hoc basis when your business has busy periods

We are confident that Tayside Virtual Assistant will become an invaluable part of your business.  The perfect solution for businesses who don't have the space to employ someone or have sufficient work, use us on an ad-hoc basis or ask about the continued service we can provide.